Discounted Wheel Warehouse – Wheels and Tires 101 – Wheel and Tire fitment- “Inch up”, Plus Sizing, and Offset

You want to purchase a new set of gorgeous wheels for your car, but the only thing you know is that you want it to look good, and you don’t know a thing about wheel fitment. Making sure that you get a wheel that fits your tires and the car is very important. A wheel that fits well can make a difference in how the car drives.

One thing that can be done to make your car drive better is plus sizing your tires. Plus sizing refers to tires that are wider and have a shorter side wall. This can result in a larger contact area and sportier and more aggressive look. It can also improve the steering response, handling, cornering, and just the over-all look.

You can also do what is considered as “Inch Up” which is the process of mounting a lower aspect ratio tire and larger diameter wheel on your car.

Either Plus sizing or “Inching up” can make a difference in how the car drives.

You can “Inch up” by getting a Plus Zero tire which uses the same wheel diameter as it has with it’s Original Equipment (OE) but will have a tire that has a larger OE section width and a smaller than OE aspect ratio. If you get this new tire you may need to purchase a new wheel to keep the proper rim width for the new tires. Another way to “Inch up” is to get a one inch larger diameter wheel with a tire of that is one-step lower in aspect ratio – this procedure requires new wheels to go with the tires, and then lastly is the plus two method of “Inching up” which uses a two-inch larger in diameter wheel with a tire of a two-step lower aspect ratio.

When purchasing new wheels you have also to look at offset of the wheel. The offset of the wheel refers to the distance from the hub of the mounting surface to the center-line of the wheel. The offset can be one of three types.

The first type is the “Zero” offset in which the hub mounting surface is even with the center-line of the wheel. The second type is the positive offset, which pertains to the hub mounting surface and if it is toward the front or the wheel side of the wheel, a positive offset wheel is usually found on front wheel drive cars and some newer rear drive cars. Then the third and last type is the negative offset which is where the mounting surface is toward the back or the brake side of the wheels’ center-line. A “Deep Dish” wheel is typically a negative offset wheel.

The offset of the wheel is important to the way the vehicle drives. If it is not correct for the vehicle it can give it an adverse affect. When the width of a wheel changes the offset changes numerically.

Discounted Wheel Warehouse has the best reviews due to our dedication to customer service and providing our customers with as much information as possible on the products we sell! We have wheel and tire fitment specialists on duty to help you with your wheel and tire fitment! They work with customers all day to make sure that their wheels and tires fitment are spot on for their vehicle while achieving the look/style that they are going for.

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